Jiehan ZHENG
Biology Honors

Attachment: Interactive Charts and Explanations

HINT: Move the mouse onto certain data point to view detailed info.

Comparison of activeness of the fishes across all class periods

This chart shows the aggressive points of each fish across all the class periods. From this chart we can see that almost every fish became more aggressive period by period. I think two factors may affect this: the standard experimenters used in different class period, and the "mood" of the fish.

Aggressive points comparison

The chart showed the aggressiveness of each fish. We can see that Optimus Prime is the most aggressive fish, and Fionn the coward and sleeper is the least aggressive fish.

Comparison of aggressive points received from other fishes

From this chart we can see that BAMF is most likely to trigger other fishes' "hate." Also we can see the source of aggressive points of each fish. And we can see that Bobby likes to attack BAMF the most, and BAMF's top attacker is Bobby...